Ironwood Homes Launches Their First Homes for HOPE Project

by | Oct 12, 2023

Early this year, while on a prospecting trip in VA, Homes for HOPE’s Eastern US Representative, Stephen Giordano, dropped in at Ironwood Homes with some Goo Goo Clusters – a treat from where he lives in Nashville. This was the beginning of a budding partnership, and two weeks ago, Ironwood Homes launched their first Homes for HOPE Project.

It is impossible not to be taken in by the incredible corporate culture founder Brandon Jones has built within his company. The team genuinely enjoys and cares for each other, and it is obvious they love what they do as they seek to honor and glorify God through meaningful work. This has led to excellence in the product they build, and rapid growth in their business. Check out their Instagram page to get a feel for this uniquely gifted homebuilder.

From their website:

Ironwood Homes is edifying Fredericksburg.

Edify originally meant “to build up.” Today it more commonly means “to uplift or benefit.” Both are true of Ironwood Homes. We’re a home builder. A team of four families with a passion to raise the standard of living in our area. As native residents and neighbors of the Fredericksburg, Virginia area, we love this little part of the world, and believe it deserves to be furbished with homes that excel in design, functionality, and craftsmanship. We believe that we are accountable to a Higher Standard and that motivates our culture– from internal operations to customer interaction. We also believe too many are without a real home. That’s why part of our profits goes towards providing homes for the less-fortunate in our area…
Our homes are attentively built with hand-picked selections and care on every detail, resulting in exceptional homes to live and grow in. Let us build you a home to love!

Ironwood Homes and their exceptional trade partners are excited to join in the mission of Homes for HOPE as we invest in underserved families worldwide for their holistic flourishing unto the glory of God. Will you join us too? To learn how, please email and we’d be happy to set up a brief introductory meeting with you. We may even send you some Goo Goo Clusters.

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