Inspiring Podcasts from Homes for HOPE’s Friends

Mar 15, 2023

With the myriad of podcast options available to us, and limited time, we know it can be overwhelming to pare it all down and decide on something that’s worth listening to. Valuable content is important to us at Homes for HOPE, and our founder and friends of the ministry have had wonderful opportunities to host or be hosted on incredibly beneficial podcasts recently. We hope you’re encouraged by the wisdom and insight shared as part of the curated list below. 

The Generous Business Owner Podcast – hosted by Homes for HOPE’s founder Jeff Rutt, Jeff Thomas of Arkos Global Advisors, and Alan Barnhart of Barnhart Crane & Rigging. Many business owners think they have to wait until after they sell their company to do significant giving. Each week, listen as Jeff Thomas, Alan Barnhart, Jeff Rutt and their guests discuss practical ways to be more generous NOW. Whether your business does one million in revenue or one billion, this podcast is for you. 

The Kingdom Investor Podcast – hosted by Daniel White and David Clinton. Imagine taking your generosity to the next level, impacting more lives, and leaving a godly legacy for generations to come! Get ideas and strategies to do just that when you listen to these personal stories from high-level kingdom champions. The Kingdom Investor Podcast showcases business leaders who have moved from success to significance. Sharing how they use worldly wealth for Kingdom impact. Discover how they grew in generosity, impacted more lives, and built godly legacies. You’ll find motivation, inspiration, and practical steps to grow as a kingdom Investor. 

  • Episode 52 with Homes for HOPE Founder – Jeff Rutt. What are the keys to the growth and success of his business? What is Jeff’s rule of thumb for debt to equity ratio? What are the three core principles that guide Jeff in running the company? What strategies does Jeff’s company use to mitigate risks in the construction industry brought about by economic and market fluctuations? How does Jeff’s faith impact his leadership in the business? Why did Jeff give away a significant portion of his company to a donor-advised fund as it is now 89% owned by charity? 

Lastly, we just launched The Homes for HOPE Podcast and we’ve had 3 great episodes so far! This podcast is your opportunity to hear from top building industry experts as they give insight on what the industry needs to know right now. From there, they’ll share their journey about how they got to where they are today, and who it was that invested in them along the way. If you or someone you know are interested in learning more about Homes for HOPE, visit 

Happy listening! 

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