History Maker Homes Celebrates Their 70th Anniversary with Homes for HOPE

Jun 11, 2020

In honor of their 70th anniversary, History Maker Homes completed their second Homes for HOPE project earlier this year! Nelson Mitchell, Lane Wright, their amazing team, and generous trade partners built this beautiful home in the Providence Village, TX area.

History Maker Homes got their start building homes for soldiers returning from World War II. They sold their first home in 1949 for roughly $5000! Through hard work and dedication, across multiple generations, they are now one of America’s Top 100 builders. This aligns and helps them relate to the hard-working entrepreneurs HOPE serves in underserved communities around the world. Identified by their legacy of strong faith and Christian values, History Maker Homes’ generosity is evidenced by their tagline, “More Home. Less Money”. At the ribbon cutting event celebrating the completion of this Homes for HOPE project, Nelson Mitchell shared that as he gets older, he wants to be sure the money he’s donating is being used strategically and for causes that matter. He shared that the “return on investment” with HOPE is unparalleled, and he counts it a privilege to partner in this work.

This home generated a donation of more than $210,000 and will enable HOPE to serve 11,335 families this year! As loans are paid back and reissued as more loans, the impact of History Maker Homes’ generosity will continue to spread for years to come! Homes for HOPE would like to thank History Maker Homes and their partners for partnering with us to holistically alleviate global poverty for the glory of God.

If you, or someone you know of in the building industry, might be interested in starting a Homes for HOPE project, please don’t hesitate to contact Matthew Baehr, Director of Development at Homes for HOPE, at 717-719-0313 or mbaehr@homes4hope.org.

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