Homes for HOPE Preview of IBS2022

Feb 3, 2022

Homes for HOPE counts it a privilege to represent our mission at this year’s International Builders Show. Come visit us at our booth – W20, find us in the IBS2022 app, and feel free to join us for prayer each morning from 7:30-8:00! We are hoping to provide an environment of mutual encouragement, edification, and fellowship through prayer. All are welcome.

We are also excited to highlight some friends and partners of ours that will be leading seminars and exhibiting at their own booths. Here are our recommendations that will help you have a strategic, productive, and unforgettable experience at IBS2022:

Speakers We Recommend

Greg Bray – Owner of Blue Tangerine
Does Your Website Have A “Buy Now” Button?
OCCC W311-A – 11:15-12:15 | February 9th

Strategies & Success Secrets for Creating the Online Home Shopping Experience Buyers Expect | with Kevin Weitzel – VP of Business Development and Sales at Outhouse
OCCC W308-C – 1:45-2:45 | February 10th

Anya Chrisanthon – CBO at Anewgo
Building A V.I.P. Outside Agent Sales Machine
OCCC W315 – 9:15-10:15 | February 8th

Rethinking the Fun-Duh-Mentals of New Home Sales
OCCC W311-A – 11:15-12:15 | February 10th

Cori Masters – OSC for Beacon Homes
The Evolution of Online & Onsite Sales: Preparing for 2022 & Beyond
OCCC W307-C – 11:15-12:15 | February 8th

Extreme Makeover Sales Edition: Empowering Your OSC to Guide Sales Conversion & Customer Experience | with Heidi Schroeder – Senior Consultant for ECI Lasso CRM
OCCC W315 – 9:15-10:15 | February 9th

Kevin Oakley – Managing Partner at Do You Convert
The Power of Dynamic Thinking: Embracing Change as the New Normal
OCCC W304-A – 9:00-12:00 | February 7th

Marketproof Marketing: The Algorithm for Guaranteed Community Sales Success
OCCC W311-C – 11:15-12:15 | February 8th

Scott Sedam – President at TrueNorth Development
Build Lean: Remove the Waste, Increase Your Profit
OCCC W304-C – 11:15-12:15 | February 9th

Onsite Vs. Offsite: Costs, Benefits, & Making the Right Choice for Your Business
OCCC W304-G – 1:45-2:45 | February 10th

Booths We Recommend

Please feel free to connect with Homes for HOPE’s executive director, Matthew Baehr at or 717-719-0313. We’ll see you next week!

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