Gift·ology’s Unique Partnership with Homes for HOPE

Feb 13, 2023

Two decades ago, Gift·ology co-founder, John Ruhlin, was a rural Ohio farm boy selling Cutco knives in people’s homes. One day he did a sales presentation for his girlfriend’s dad, Paul. Paul, an attorney showed John (when he bought paring knives for all his clients’ wives) that the way up involved building relationships through radical generosity. 

Since then, John (and his team at Gift·ology) have become the world’s leading authority in maximizing customer loyalty through radical generosity. They have become the #1 business gift fulfillment service (business leaders hire Gift·ology to do their gifting for them) in all of North America. And yes. John is still recommending Cutco cutlery as one of the world’s greatest gifts. 

So how does this relate to our mission at Homes for HOPE? John and his team at Gift·ology are also radically generous toward charitable organizations! Early last year, I (Matt) had a meeting with John and shortly thereafter unexpectedly received his book in the mail in the most incredible packaging I had ever seen; complete with a gift box that played a video of John thanking me for our conversation! He wanted to come alongside us to thank those who support our mission by donating sets of beautifully engraved Cutco knives.  

Blown away, I suggested we start by sending them to our board members. Our board members loved the gifts and once that generous task was complete, John immediately said he also wanted to send them to anyone who had done a Homes for HOPE project over the last three years. We did so; then he took it a step further and said that our building industry partners could choose to send personally engraved Cutco knife sets to their buyers who purchase completed Homes for HOPE projects!  

This unique and creative partnership is now entering its second year, and we are excited to bless our partners with high-quality pieces, generously donated by Gift·ology, that they can use to thank their customers. We are so very grateful for John Ruhlin and the Gift·ology team! 

If you or someone you know would love to design creative ways to partner with Homes for HOPE, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the author of this article – Homes for HOPE’s executive director, Matthew Baehr at 717-719-0313 or  

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