Frontiers: An update from the HOPE network and an opportunity for partnership through prayer

Jun 2, 2023


Since 1997, HOPE International has focused on serving underserved communities.

Our program leaders have consistently sought out communities at the margins, inspiring a goal in our last strategic plan to serve 10 unreached and underserved communities. Praise be to God who led us above and beyond that goal.

We are eager to expand to serve more communities at the frontiers and intentionally reach least-served groups of people who have historically experienced exclusion. As our regular operations continue to grow, we also want to include these least-served communities as a subset of overall growth.

Whether they have limited exposure to the Gospel, are socially excluded due to stigma or marginalization, or are systematically excluded due to historical or legal restrictions, conflicts, or geographic isolation, serving the least-served will require us to develop or adapt programmatic approaches to fit unique contexts. We are committed to this calling.

Objective: Expand our boundaries to serve the least-served

Key Result: Serve 20 frontier communities by 2025

1. Newly served frontier communities

Refugees in Malawi: Pray for HOPE Malawi as they serve refugees living in the Dzaleka refugee camp.

South Sudanese refugees (Uganda): Pray for Seed Effect, our partner in Uganda, as they plan to serve 18,000 new savings group members this year.

Single mothers (Rwanda): Pray for the HOPE Rwanda team as they identify the next round of single mothers to serve through savings groups. Pray for the 98 single mothers that were trained in tailoring last year to be able to implement their newly learned skills to provide for their families.

Maasai tribe (Tanzania): Pray for the Anglican Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a SG Multiply partner who is serving the Maasai people (a nomadic, ethnic, people group). Praise God that 230 Maasai have been baptized!

Refugees in Burundi: Pray for the HOPE Burundi team and two church partners, CEPBU and FMC, as they serve over 1,500 refugees in five camps. Pray for increased collaboration with the camp leadership, which will lead to smoother ministry since all big projects in the camp require government approval.

Elderly (Rwanda): Pray for HOPE Rwanda as they serve the elderly community, a largely isolated and forgotten group of people.

Migrant communities (Peru): Pray for Comas CMA, our partner in Peru, as they serve families who live in the foothills of Lima, often without basic services like running water and electricity. They are also largely unchurched.
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2. Savings groups for the Deaf community and people with disabilities in Haiti

In Haiti, the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community and individuals living with physical disabilities are often rejected. Pastor Jacob, from HOPE Haiti partner Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti (MEBSH), runs a center where individuals from these marginalized communities can live. Now, they are also serving them through the savings group ministry.

Please pray:

For St. Victor Jean Joseph, a volunteer savings group leader who knows sign language, as he forms groups among the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

For Lisette Cadet, a volunteer savings group leader who has a physical disability, as she forms savings groups for women with physical disabilities. She has formed four groups already!

For ease of meeting. These community members face transportation and mobility challenges as most use wheelchairs or crutches. Meeting together is even more difficult in light of the current violent unrest that Haiti is facing.

For the MBESH center for people with disabilities that was recently attacked by robbers.

For Jean Fabien, HOPE Haiti’s Spiritual Integration and Training Coordinator, as he provides training and support for MBESH and this ministry.

For encouragement and innovation for all involved in this ministry. They get to see God at work in incredible ways but are also facing many barriers.

3. Savings groups for internally displaced people in Ukraine

The HOPE Ukraine team has adapted the savings group ministry curriculum to serve internally displaced people (IDPs) who have had to leave their homes due to the war. Four pilot groups have launched since December 2022.

Please pray:

For these groups to save and maintain group continuity, even as they relocate back to their homes or to other long-term destinations.

For more Ukrainian churches to be equipped with the savings group ministry.

For IDPs to be more fully integrated and empowered within their community.

For Ukrainian church leaders and congregations, as they have become a central point of community for IDPs since the war.

For the three more savings groups that will be launched soon.

For the HOPE Ukraine spiritual integration team that is working to implement and spread the savings group ministry.

4. Doma population in Zimbabwe

The HOPE Zimbabwe team is serving the Doma people in collaboration with ministry partners Royal Impact Church, Foundations for Farming, and Tomorrow Clubs. The Doma people have lived as hunter-gatherers high in the mountains of Zimbabwe for many years and have historically been isolated from others. Only about 0.3% of the Doma population is Christian.

Please pray:

For the recruitment and onboarding process for Royal Impact Church staff who will lead the savings group ministry among the Doma

For innovation as the team works with Foundations for Farming to come alongside the Doma community in agricultural initiatives.

For the ongoing work of Tomorrow Clubs, a children’s ministry, among the Doma. HOPE Zimbabwe facilitated the entry of Tomorrow Clubs International as an avenue for discipleship for Doma children.

“Launching Tomorrow Clubs has been a great move to change the lives of more than 300 children in our community. I see our ministry making a remarkable difference that was never experienced amongst the Doma people.” – Deacon Obert Adarewa of Royal Impact Church International

For the whole Doma community to experience the love of Christ and know Him personally.

For wisdom and discernment as the HOPE Zimbabwe team decides if they need to recruit and hire more HOPE staff to serve frontier communities.

5. Serving new frontier communities in South Asia

Through SG Multiply, we have partnered with three organizations in three countries in South Asia. We are also in the exploratory phase of partnering with two more, as well as exploring microfinance institution opportunities in the region. We are unable to share specific organization and country names for security reasons.

Please pray:

For the church’s ongoing work in the Asian circle, where less than 2% of the population has heard the Gospel, and where 53% of the world’s population and 83% of the world’s unreached people groups live.

For our South Asia partners as they serve their churches and communities.

For the work of an microfinance institution in the region that we have met with who is leading an innovative and impactful ministry.

For favor with government officials, including supernatural protection where necessary.

For holistic transformation in the lives of individuals and families who are in these groups and will join in the future.

For those who might be hearing the name of Jesus for the first time.

That the church in Asia would grow.

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