Homes for HOPE is proud to honor Perry Bigelow’s legacy by creating a new annual tradition.

Nov 17, 2022

The Bigelow Award celebrates a partner who, like Perry, embodies our organizational values of Faithfulness, Perseverance, Honesty, and Creativity.   

Our first annual Bigelow Award goes to Mr. Steve Brooks of Grand Homes. The award was presented by Homes for HOPE’s founder, Jeff Rutt, in a moving ceremony which was held during a recent Shinn Builder Partnerships benchmark group meeting. Reflecting on what it meant to him to receive the award, Mr. Brooks shared  

“It was a shock! I was very moved. Thank you so much! I feel so honored to be a part of such an incredibly wonderful charitable organization. Every component makes it the perfect charity. You give hope to those who have learned hopelessness. You have an obvious love for Jesus and give the people you serve a hand up, not a handout. There is such a multiplier effect. Long after we’re all gone the impact will still be growing!” 

When asked about his relationship with Perry, Mr. Brooks went on to say 

“Perry was an unbelievable human being. You only meet a few people in your life like that. It was an honor to serve with him on the Homes for HOPE board for so long. He was a godly man who always put other peoples’ interests before his own…so gracious and altruistic. He was the real deal and truly authentic in his heart, in his beliefs, and through his generosity. Perry inspired me to be a better person and be more generous…to be more and do more. He meant so much to me as a mentor and was an example of who we all want to be. I was blessed to have known him. He’s dearly missed.”  

Steve Brooks has faithfully led the charge partnering with Homes for HOPE since 2008, serving on our board, advocating for our work, and contributing more than $3.8 million toward this cause. The entire Homes for HOPE team counts it a privilege to celebrate alongside him as the recipient of our first annual Bigelow Award

To learn more about how Perry first recruited Steve to be involved with Homes for HOPE back in 2008, feel free to watch this brief interview. 

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