Eastbrook Homes Announcement

Dec 22, 2020

Homes for HOPE would like to thank the Mojo Foundation, led by Mick McGraw, CEO of Eastbrook Homes, for their record gift of $100,000! This donation enables HOPE International to provide biblically based training, savings services, and loans for more than 5,300 families living in poverty around the world! During this time of global economic uncertainty, Mick was compelled to help rebuild dreams and recapitalize businesses across the HOPE network.  

Mick and his team believe that as the world continues to change, one thing stays the same: home.  In addition to their philanthropy, Eastbrook Home’s vision is to continually provide innovative and quality homes, in communities that evolve and grow as well. Mick says, “Every homeowner deserves to live within an exceptional neighborhood in a home of incomparable value. Customers should expect uncompromising quality in their home and extraordinary service down the road. That is what my team strives to give them each and every day.”  

These values of evolving and growing communities, exceptional neighborhoods, uncompromising quality, and extraordinary service for which the Eastbrook Homes team strives are a perfect complement to Homes for HOPE’s goal to invest in underserved families for their holistic flourishing unto the glory of God. Mick and his team are ideal partners in Homes for HOPE’s work building locally to fight poverty globally. This Christmas season, please join in celebrating this wonderful gift.   

If you or someone you know might be interested in learning more about Homes for HOPE projects, please contact Matthew Baehr at 717-719-0313 or mbaehr@homes4hope.org. 

Thanks again to the Mojo Foundation, Mick McGraw, and Eastbrook Homes for your generosity!

Mick McGraw

Mick McGraw

CEO | Eastbrook Homes

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