Digital Marketing Summit

Sep 27, 2022

This year’s Digital Marketing Summit, hosted by Outhouse and Blue Tangerine, was something of a family reunion after the past two years were impacted by COVID-19. K. Hovnanian VP of Sales, Dana Spencer, was the keynote speaker and the event was sponsored by Zonda and Shared Drive.  

The summit was both educational and encouraging. Attendees had the opportunity to learn and ask questions of leading industry experts as well as break out into small groups and discuss how their company was being impacted by the changing market. 

Kristi Allen of Wood Castle Homes spoke on preparing for changes ahead. She shared what it was like going from the marketing office to the construction site and how she had to learn quickly. She also spoke about the opportunity she had to lead the “House She Built” project and seeing that turned into a national bestselling children’s book.  

From there, Greg Bray and Kevin Weitzel, led panels, walked through survey data, and equipped countless building industry salesmen and marketers with the tools needed to succeed. Always one to ask a good question and crack a joke, Kevin gracefully toed the line of comedian and Ted Talks MC. While Greg walked through industry survey results and always made sure to shout out The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast.  

Drake Holtry, Homes for HOPE Western U.S. Representative, was on hand to share about the work of Homes for HOPE around the world and connect with those interested in partnering. We are grateful to both Outhouse and Blue Tangerine for the opportunity and look forward to attending many more summits in the future. 

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