Did you know American home builders are making a huge impact in Zambia, Africa?

Apr 5, 2017

Did you know that American homebuilders are making a huge impact in Zambia, Africa? Donations from Homes for Hope are helping HOPE International come alongside the church in Zambia to form SCA’s. In short SCA’s provide a way for people to gain access to large sums of money for emergencies or even starting a business. If you are living on less than a few dollars a day it’s impossible to save sums of money because you need everything you earn, and then some. However, in 2016 with the formation of SCA’s powered by HOPE International the impossible has been made possible and has helped over 1,000 families loosen the grip of poverty.

You can help HOPE International fight poverty by doing what you do best, build homes. Consider taking the proceeds from one of the homes you build this year and help 1,000 families or more by providing financial services to people who really need help!

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