Celebrating Alternative Homes for HOPE Projects

Jan 3, 2023

Celebrating Alternative Homes for HOPE Projects 

We at Homes for HOPE love the creativity of our building industry partners. They long to maximize the impact of their charitable efforts and give everyone involved in their processes the opportunity to participate. Here are some alternative Homes for HOPE partnerships that we’re celebrating as 2022 comes to a close: 

Getting everyone involved! 

Our founder, Jeff Rutt’s company, Keystone Custom Homes, does a “virtual” Homes for HOPE Project each year. With multiple trade partners of the same discipline/specialty who all want to be involved in alleviating global poverty, Jeff needed to figure out a way to give them that opportunity even if they weren’t working on a particular Homes for HOPE Project house. A few years ago, he realized he could let his trade partners, suppliers, and service providers choose which KCH house they’d like to donate/discount their services on, and the company could match dollar for dollar what their partners produced! This solution allowed everyone to be involved as well as challenge Jeff and Keystone Custom Homes toward greater generosity. This also enabled them to give every year and not be restricted by build cycles or community development timelines. This has all resulted in a rallying point for company culture, and increased ownership of and generosity toward Homes for HOPE’s mission year over year.  

Schuber Mitchell Homes took a similar approach to their Homes for HOPE Project this year. They did have a physical house they built and sold then donated the generated profit which was bolstered by their trades’ contributions. However, they also opened it up to all their trades, not just the ones who had the contract on the Homes for HOPE Project, and several chose to donate/discount their services on other Schuber Mitchell Homes builds. All of those contributions were included in the total donation increasing their impact and giving more people the chance to be involved! 

Similarly, Providence Homes had incredible participation from their trade partners on their 2022 Homes for HOPE project. Their record donation has already been sent in, but Builder’s First Source wanted to add trusses to their already generous donation of windows, siding, and lumber on the home. Another company had the contract for trusses and had already donated, so BFS chose another Providence Homes build on which to donate trusses, and the additional donation was sent in a few weeks later! 

Our partners’ creativity doesn’t just benefit Homes for HOPE! 

Atlantic Builders does a “Give Back Home” each year. They don’t just donate the profit. They donate the entire sales price! And they don’t just donate to Homes for HOPE. We’re fairly recent beneficiaries. They split up their donation each year across several charities that impact their local communities while also alleviating global poverty in partnership with Homes for HOPE.  

For more than a decade Verity Homes has been splitting the profit from the sale of their Homes for HOPE projects evenly between us and local animal shelters. And this year, for the first time, they have completed two projects! One in each of their markets. One closed earlier this year and one is still for sale. We are so grateful for their faithful and ongoing partnership which fights poverty while also serving God’s creatures. 

Partnering with Homes for HOPE isn’t just for new home builders! 

Home remodeling company, Destiny Homes, has committed to give HOPE’s average loan size for the people we serve (around $300) for each job they complete. That means with each stunning remodel they do for their customers, they also give toward providing a talented entrepreneur the opportunity to start or expand a business and break the cycle of generational poverty for their family.   

A loan officer donates $200 for each mortgage he closes for one of our longstanding builder partners. 

Many top industry consultants have generously shared their platforms and joyfully refer us to their clients – giving us stage time and donated booth space at their trainings and retreats. 

Thank you for your creativity! 

One of our four organizational values is “creativity” and we are so very grateful for the varied ways our partners come alongside us, demonstrating creative ways to invest in underserved families around the world unto the glory of God. If you or your team would like to get involved, and you have some creative ideas of how to do so, please don’t hesitate to contact our project manager at projectmanager@homes4hope.org  

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