Atlantic Builders Continues Their Partnership with Homes for HOPE

Mar 30, 2022

Atlantic Builders has announced a $100,000 grant toward the mission of Homes for HOPE, building on their inaugural donation of $25,000 at the end of 2021! They have established an annual tradition of building a “Give Back Home” where their trusted trade partners and suppliers donate or discount their services on a build which increases the profit margin on the resulting sale of the home. Atlantic Builders then takes the funds generated by the sale and donates them to multiple local charities in addition to Homes for HOPE. We are so grateful for their example of thoughtful generosity which benefits the local communities where they build, AND thousands of families living in poverty around the world.

Atlantic Builders is an award-winning, privately-owned regional builder that has delivered thousands of brand-new homes in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area for over a quarter-century and is now building in the Charlottesville region as well. They have a simple philosophy: Build the best homes possible and create extraordinary relationships. They do so through their passion, dependability, and dedication to excellence.

Their passion for quality and excellence is reflected in consistently ranking in the Top 10% of Builders Nationally as surveyed by Eliant – a homebuilder surveying company. Atlantic Builders was also the recipient of the 2022 Shinn Builder Partnerships Builder of Choice award and the National Association of Homebuilders National Housing Quality Award – one of the highest and most prestigious awards in homebuilding.

Homes for HOPE counts it a privilege to serve alongside Atlantic Builders as we strive together to alleviate global poverty. If you have creative ideas of how your company might join us, please don’t hesitate to contact Homes for HOPE’s executive director, Matthew Baehr at or 717-719-0313.

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