Schuber Mitchell #2

Status: Complete

The mission of Schuber Mitchell Homes in Joplin and southwest Missouri is best explained by a story: Recently, a friend called and asked if Schuber Mitchell Homes could build on lots in Joplin. “Of course we can, how can I help?” was my answer. Then came the explanation: “My sister has been working with a different builder and she has been getting a very high pressure sales approach from them. She is a single mom with kids working daily to make ends meet. They are telling her that to get a 1400 sq ft house with a lot the cost is $150,000. Is that true? Obviously,” he said, “you have prices on your website, those don’t include the lot do they?” Needless to say $150,000 for a 1400 sq ft home is outrageous AND yes – our home prices include a lot.

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