Brentwood Builders #1

Status: Complete

"We desire to build new homes in a way that fulfills the homeowners’ dreams, and in a process that promotes family and exudes creativity. We chose the name Brentwood Builders because we felt that Brentwood was a solid name that could carry through generations and give the business a strong presence in the county. Just like anything in life, owning a construction company in Lancaster County and through a changing economy has not always been easy. Our business has traveled through many seasons, and we have along with it. We have continued on because we love what we do. We love when people bring their ideas to the table, and we get to build these ideas into a reality. We love meeting new clients, and then assisting them in designing the home of their dreams. We love working with detail, and being creative in the finer parts of your home. We are not afraid to try something new, and to be bold in the design process. We love having the opportunity to give you, as a new homeowner the most positive experience and individual attention that we can as we work with you. At Brentwood Builders, our goal is to embrace who we are, and the journey that Brentwood has gone through. We are, and will continue to build off of the strong foundation that has been laid by: Cultivating team Creating family Pushing for innovation Encouraging creativity Building systems that flow smoothly Most importantly our goal is to stand out, and share our company heart by building houses that feel like home. "

Home Address

1331 Willow Creek

Mount Joy, PA 17552

Project Leader

Mr. Clair Hostetter

(717) 715-9096