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Rebuilding Dreams

Twenty years of experience tells us that crisis—like the coronavirus pandemic—disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable.


We are called to a radically loving response. Our message to the men and women we serve is:



“We are with you in this.”

The building industry understands entrepreneurship and what it takes to build a business from the ground up. Together, we want to come alongside those we serve and raise $1 million for recovery lending capital as HOPE-network entrepreneurs reopen their businesses.


We have extended grace and flexibility to entrepreneurs while their economies were shut down, and as their businesses reopen, we’ll be there, providing capital and support as they face challenges and seize new opportunities.

1. Emerency relief

Though we’ve never directly supported relief efforts before, this moment presented uniquely dire challenges for those we serve.


We worked with local churches, partners, and local leaders to distribute food, face masks, and soap to vulnerable families affected by sudden unemployment, market shutdowns, and travel restrictions.

2. Grace Periods

Especially while economies are hampered by full or partial lockdowns, we’re offering a “stimulus package” to the business owners we serve through microfinance institutions—including loan rescheduling, grace periods, and flexibility—so they can withstand the first major wave of challenges.

3. Kickstart Capital

As global communities open back up, business owners will need more capital to rebuild what has been lost. Rather than close their doors, the business owners we serve will have tools to stabilize their finances and move forward.


We’re also working to understand the needs of the church-centered savings groups in our network. We want to support them in working and saving together to both meet immediate needs and rebuild toward their dreams.