2024 International Builders’ Show Recap

The 2024 International Builders' Show (IBS) was a wonderful experience for the entire Homes for HOPE Team. See the team's biggest takeaways from IBS 2024.

Be Focused, Optimistic, and Pray to God | Faustin Ndagijimana’s Story

RWANDA - Having once struggled to feed his family on an inconsistent income, Faustin is now flourishing. As a welder, he took work as it came but dreamed of expanding his business. His family was known as a poor family in their community when he was introduced to Urwego (HOPE’s microfinance institution in Rwanda) in 2012.

“God is using me”: how Farah found new purpose

Have you ever been rejected because of something you believe? Or looked down upon because of your faith?

As a Christian woman in South Asia,* that’s Farah’s* daily experience.

2023 Year in Review

By God’s grace and through His favor, 2023 was an incredible year for Homes for HOPE. God deserves all the glory for everything we’re rejoicing in as we enter 2024. The following are some highlights from a year unlike any other. But before we get to them, we don’t want to go any further without thanking our incredible partners. Without your multi-faceted investment in this mission, none of this would’ve been possible. Thank you for serving alongside Homes for HOPE in 2023! 

A 13-year-old’s brilliant business idea

At 13, Eric Jeche values going to school with other students in his neighborhood in Zimbabwe. Unlike many of his peers, Eric pays for his own education.

Eric has lived with his grandmother since he lost his parents at a young age. But it’s not easy for his grandmother to pay for his school fees on top of their food, clothing, and other daily expenses, so Eric understands the value of money and work.

PWB Playhouse Project – A Journey of Impact

In October 2022, I was visiting The Dominican Republic on a Homes for HOPE Vision Trip to meet some of the incredible people HOPE has the privilege of serving in that beautiful country.

2023 Thank You

We saw God bring hope and restoration to underserved men and women around the world in 2023. Here are just a few of their stories.

Classic Homes Continues Generosity Towards Homes for HOPE

Since 2019, our friends at Classic Homes have been investing in the mission of Homes for HOPE. This year, they have generated a donation of $130,000, which will enable HOPE to serve an incredible 5,200 families in 2024 and beyond! That already deserves celebration, but this story doesn’t stop there. It’s not just Homes for HOPE that benefits from their remarkable philanthropy. Classic Homes and their leadership generously support over 200 charitable organizations and efforts to better the building industry, their community, and the world.  Homes for HOPE is so grateful for ALL the award-winning team at Classic Homes has done over the past three decades to make the world a better place.  

Betenbough Homes Continues Generosity Towards Homes for HOPE

Betenbough Homes stands as a pillar in the building industry, recognized as a leading Texas home builder renowned for delivering quality and value in new homes across Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa, TX. Guided by a commitment to affordability, their seasoned team ensures customers have a memorable and enjoyable homebuying experience.  

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