Donathe – Providing for Others and Feeding the Hungry

After the genocide of 1994, Nyiraminani Donathe and her husband added four adopted children to their family. Including their four biological children, the family of ten lived in a well-kept but humble home.

Erika’s Story of Innovation

Erika de la Cruz is a wife and mother of three children who for many years worked as a government employee to support her family. She always dreamed of owning her own business and building her own house, but she could not find the right business idea nor did she have the financial resources to be able to achieve her goals.

Fatima – clothing business leads to home ownership

Fatima and her young family had been living with her mom and then with her mother-in-law when she heard about a savings group offered by Diaconia, HOPE International’s partner in Paraguay.

Home Improvement in Ukraine – Lesia’s Story

Attending a family retreat hosted by HOPE Ukraine’s Spiritual Integration team in rural Ukraine proved to be a major turning point for Lesia Prishepa. After three days away with her husband, focusing on one another and interacting with other couples, Lesia says, “I had a great desire to change something.”

Marie Ndereyimana’s Story

“There is no desperate situation that God cannot take you from,” testifies Marie Ndereyimana. “I learned that God is a God of widows and orphans.” Marie has been both in her lifetime, and now God is working through her to assist both orphans and widows in her...

Alinafe’s Story: Empowered to Build

After just two years in her savings group in Malawi, Alinafe has been able to purchase land and begin building her own house. Her current home has a mud floor and a thatched roof. Now, however, she is able to buy cement and sheet metal to build a sturdier home.

Dreams for My Daughter

This 5-minute short film, based on the true story of one of HOPE’s clients from Rwanda, is an arresting example of why Homes for HOPE serves alongside HOPE International to restore dignity and break the cycle of generational poverty. Click the link below to watch...

Ruslan’s Story

(Video transcript) Greetings HOPE International global team. My name is Ghena Russu and I have the privilege to lead Invest Credit (HOPE’s partner) in Moldova. At this time I want to share a short story about Ruslan Vicol, one of the clients Invest Credit served in...

Leah’s Story

In 1993, Leah Reyes (pictured above) and her husband took a risk by starting a small grocery business in Coron, Philippines using the money her husband earned driving a tricycle. They saved their money, purchased more tricycles, and began employing neighbors....