American home builders are making a difference in southeast Africa.

What if over half the American population was earning less than a $1 per day? Well that’s Malawi, a country in southeast Africa where donations from Homes for HOPE are being used. Consider what it would be like to live in a place where all gasoline is imported, 7 out of 10 hospital beds are filled with HIV/Aids patients, and 6 out of 10 people live on less than a dollar per day. It’s horrific! But it’s not hopeless.

It’s Better to Have a Job Than A Handout

Billy Doelker, president of Key Homes LLC, was named to the NAHB’s 40 Under 40 list last year. He has seen first hand the benefits that come from being a top-notch entrepreneur in America. He knows the dignity that comes from receiving a hand up rather than a handout, and sees Homes for Hope (H4H) as a tool for his company to return the favor.

Trade Partner describes from a Christian perspective, the mission and beauty of HOPE.

“Hope is blind to poverty, starvation, murder, homelessness. Hope looks beyond the horizon and sees…peace.” At the ribbon ceremony for Rosewood Communities’ fourth Home for HOPE, trade partner Silas Lewis of Samson Stone made an impassioned speech about the beauty of what Homes for HOPE and HOPE International offer, and the importance of spreading the gospel in order to spread hope.